Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Studio Location - piano lessons coming to Bemus Point, NY

In August, I got the idea to check into renting space again so I could start up Cindy's Piano Studio classes.  The first few spaces were very depressing:  too much money, spaces needed to be bulldozed not rented, bad locations.  And then...we were driving around the lake after getting our last ice cream cone at Boxcar Barney's in Mayville and my husband saw a for rent sign on a building in Bemus Point.  We stopped and looked in the windows.  It looked perfect!  So I called the number, set up an appointment and prayed for favor. 

We met with the landlords, who are very nice, and decided to proceed.  The first step is getting a zoning variance; however, there have been businesses in the space for 30 years so we aren't too concerned about that.  I dropped off the application with check today and am now waiting for the zoning board meeting in October.

I'm 'sort of' excited but not really until the board meeting is over...then I'll be jumping! 

I'm planning on adding piano classes in Bemus Point on Thursdays and possible Wednesday evenings.  All private lessons will remain in my home until I have money to buy a grand for the studio.  Even then, those that are on the west side of the lake will remain in my home.  I'm hoping to add four classes this year and more next year.

Stay tuned!