Saturday, January 28, 2012

February Contest for Young Beginners Class

February is evaluation month for the Young Beginners Class so I'm having a contest to help the students do their best and have fun too.  This cute bag of goodies, worth $25, will be the prize. I wonder who will win it?

February 2012 Contest

Prize:  Red Bag of goodies worth $25
Dates of Contest:  Feb 2, 9, 16
Prize given on February 16th at end of lesson

How to Win Practice Points:                                                             Total Possible Points

1 point for every day you practice 10 minutes (or more).                       7 possible points
1 point for having all your books in class                                                  1 possible point
1 point for paying attention through the whole class                               1 possible point
1 point for not playing or talking while I’m explaining                               1 possible point

1 point for every piece played with correct finger numbers
1 point for every piece played with correct notes the first time  
1 point for every piece played with correct rhythm the first time
1 point for every piece played up to speed with orchestra

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black Eighth Note Handmade Pillow

Amazing! My student here made this eighth note pillow for me.  He stitched it by hand this weekend!  Just for me!!  It is proudly sitting on a chair in my music room for all to see.  He had to make something for his home ec class and decided to do a pillow for me.  Now that is just enough to make me cry! :) I love it!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Piano Dust

Does the inside of your piano look like this?!  Mine did until my technician came dusted it when he was resurfacing the hammers.  The hammers are on the bottom in the picture; you can see where it hits the strings and has made deep indentations into the felt of the hammers. 

Here he is removing a hammer so he can fix it.  He had to use a special type of screwdriver to catch the screw so it wouldn't fall into the piano and be lost.

He then shaved all the hammers to make the piano sound better and so that the hammers didn't stick into the strings.
Here you can see the tool he used to shave the hammers.  It looks like a big metal file.  Don't use it on your fingernails though or you won't have any left!

He did a great job and now the piano is ready to go into some blessed piano students home.  It is for sale for $600.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mozart Piano Co. Upright Piano

My piano in the Bemus Point studio has been fixed.  The technician came and revoiced all the hammers so now it sounds nice.  The piano is by Mozart Piano Co. out of Toronto.  They don't exist anymore.  In fact this piano is dated in the 1920's.  It still has the original ivory keys.  I had to reglue one of them but it's still the original. Now I'm thinking about selling it for $600.  It was very heavy to move and required four guys.  It would make a nice piano for a student who is really interested in piano lessons.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Detective Cindy

One of my adult students said to me today, "You're like a detective!"  She is so right.  Teaching piano is like following the clues that the students leave to the way they think and process information.  Each student is different and needs to be taught the way they understand.  When teaching, I use my method and when that doesn't work I have to pull out the magnifying glass to find the problem and then try other paths for that student. I love researching other ways to teach and seeing the results, or not, from them.

Detective Cindy to the Piano Rescue!