Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Student Andee

Cindy's Piano Studio Bemus Point welcomes Andee to piano lessons.

Seven-year-old Andee started piano lessons on January 5, 2017.  She just wanted something to do! She is involved in 4H and gymnastics but needed more activity in her life.  Andee is learning piano with the Alfred Premier method and we are using Piano Maestro a lot as well.  She has learned so much already.  I look forward to seeing what we will do together at the piano.  Welcome, Andee!

Mallory's First End-of-Book Recital a Success!

Congratulations, Mallory, on successfully completing your first End-of-Book Recital this weekend.

Mallory had her first End-of-Book recital at her home last night.  She had about 20 people standing and listening and clapping.  What an awesome memory we made.  
Here's her invitation and program.  She even let me participate with a duet!  Awesome job, Mallory!