Saturday, March 26, 2016

Piano Enthusiasts

The Piano Enthusiasts Play for Piano Lovers first performance was held on February 28, 2016 at the Heritage Green Nursing Home.
Chris Forbes, Julie Johnston, Jeff Park, and Cindy Robison performed a 40-minute program for the residents on their beautiful Steinway grand.  The pieces performed were:

Mozart's Sonata in C Major, Cindy Robison
Vangellis Hymne, Julie Johnston
Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Chris Forbes
Majesty, I Will Enter His Gates, This is the Day, Rock of Ages, and Angels We Have Heard on High, Jeff Park
Heart and Soul Duet, Julie Johnston and Cindy Robison
My Chains Are Gone, Amazing Grace, Blue Danube, and Bach's Minuet, Jeff Park
Shall We Gather at the River, Chris Forbes
Key of Sea, Julie Johnston
Peterson's Jazz Exercise #2 and Disco-Visit, Cindy Robison

The residents had a good time and the performers had another opportunity to practice performing, some for the first time and some for the first time in a long while.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

APT Duet Recital - My Duet With Kerry

March 5, 2016 was the first APT (Association of Piano Teachers) duet recital.  Kerry and I started the program with Clementi's Sonata IV allegro.  It was fast and fun.  Of course, someone got too close to the outside door which made the alarm go off just as we started playing.  It eventually stopped so we could hear an elderly woman tapping her finger nails on her tray top.  It would have been alright if she was in the same tempo as we were!  They eventually found a towel for her to tap on so it wasn't so loud.  Even with all the distractions, we played well for our first time together.

I'm so thankful for a great teacher who encourages me to keep learning more about making music at the piano so I can pass it on to my students.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

February Students of the Month

Congratulations, Bryan and Mallory, you are February's Students of the Month at Cindy's Piano Studio!

Mallory is a student of the Lakewood piano studio.  She has just recently re-started piano after a break to pursue her dancing dreams.  Her piano learning tip is to play one line at a time after playing song through once.  That's great practice directions, Mallory.  Learning to practice in small chunks makes learning a piece easy and more fun to play.  Other students who were in the Lakewood hat are Dani and Sam.

Bryan was Student of the Month in October of last year.  He had just recently started with Cindy's Piano Studio in Bemus Point after moving here from Ohio.  His piano learning tip is think of the beat in your head and play the notes with your hands and look at notes while doing that.  In other words, to keep your eyes on the music while you are counting the rhythm.  Good tip, Bryan.  Keeping a steady beat is always important as are knowing how to move your fingers without looking at them.  Other students in the Bemus Point hat were:  Eliza A and Eliza D, Harper, Kenny, Lillian, and Taj, 

Both Bryan and Mallory received a gift certificate for ice cream at Tim Horton's this month.  Yea!