Saturday, October 28, 2017

Lillian's Accomplishment

Congratulations to Lillian on finishing her first CD!  She picked 10 pieces from her lesson book, practiced them well, and then we recorded them at my Lakewood piano studio.

The artwork on the CD cover is her original art.

The pieces on the CD are:

Track 1 - Scales My Way
Track 2 - Quiet Thoughts
Track 3 - Pirates at Sea
Track 4 - Medieval Fair
Track 5 - Science Fair
Track 6 - Rhythm Mania
Track 7 - Floating Down the River
Track 8 - Premier Boogie
Track 9 - Inspector Beauregard
Track 10 - Fiesta de Espana

What was favorite part of making the CD? Making the artwork was my favorite.
What was your favorite piece on the CD? Inspector Beauregard because I like the melody.
She enjoyed the process of making the CD and look forward to sharing the CD with her family.  She may email the CD to them.
How long did it take you perfect these piece to be CD ready?  Some I had to relearn and some I had to just brush up on so it was different times for piece.
Do you recommend that other students make a CD of their favorite piano pieces?  She said "yes"!

The CD is eight minutes in length.

Lillian studies piano at Cindy's Piano Studio in Bemus Point. Great job, Lillian!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Welcome Quinn!

Cindy's Piano Studio welcomes Quinn to the Bemus Point studio this year.  Quinn is nine years old.  She said she wants to take piano lessons because it seems really, really fun!  I hope that it remains really, really fun for her during her whole life.  Quinn has a Yamaha 88-key, touch sensitive keyboard at home with a metronome even!

Quinn likes to play soccer, tennis, and do horseback riding also.  She is in the fourth grade.

Welcome, Quinn!