Saturday, November 22, 2014

Private Eye Workshop #1

We had fun on Sunday! One mystery has been solved so far.  We started by listing all the Christmas songs they knew.  Then they deciphered the code to find the mystery word based on the false clue they were given during lessons.  What was the mystery word?  music.  The students then performed for each other and watched the silent movie for our upcoming Christmas program....Twas the Night Before Christmas.  We talked about what songs would be good for the movie accompaniment as we ate snacks of cookies and soda.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Student of the Month - October

Congratulations to Lillian!  She was chosen as October's Student of the Month.  She had a great chance of being picked as her name was in the hat seven times!

Here's Lillian's interview for this month's blog.

What do you like to do for fun?  Lillian likes to dress up for tea parties at her friend's house!

What is your favorite toy?  She likes to play with her Barbie and doll houses.

What do you hate to do?  Raking leaves.  Me too, Lillian!!

What's the best part of piano lessons?  Learning how to do something new.

What's the worst part of piano lessons?  Finishing a song and knowing I'll never play it again.  We explained to her that she can always go back and play her pieces just for fun.  I LOVE this answer!

What music do you listen to that is not piano music?  Taylor Swift.

Now you know a little more about Lillian.