Saturday, January 23, 2016

December's Students of the Month

Congratulations to Emma (Lakewood) and Harper (Bemus Point) December's Students of the Month!

How fun that Emma is December and November's Student of the Month for Lakewood.  So Emma has another tip for piano students: Check your assignment for special things you may have forgotten. Oh, I really like this one, Emma.  I spend time preparing these assignments for students and it really is frustrating to me when they aren't followed.  If students would check their assignment as Emma says, they would be able to practice better and wouldn't forget to do what has been taught or reviewed.  Wonderful suggestion, Emma!

Congratulations, Harper, on being prepared, having practiced, having all your books at the lessons, having your theory done, and having a great attitude at lessons!  You are a piano star!

Harper's tip for piano students is that learning music is like learning any other school work.  Treat practicing piano as if it is homework but on the piano.  Great tip, Harper!