Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten Years Is A Long Time With One Student...I'm So Blessed To Have Had Her In My Studio!

She has grown up and is now going across the world to other adventures.  Dominique Del Calzo was my first piano student after moving to Lakewood.  She has become a friend, almost like a daughter.  I'm so glad God put her in my life ten years ago.

I asked Dominique to write a testimonial for me. (See below.) I cried when I read it.  We never know how we are affecting other people's lives...unless they tell us.

"Ten years is a long time, and spending a decade stretching your fingers to reach an octave, tapping your foot to keep rhythm, or straining your ears to hear one note may not seem like fun to you; but for me, it has been a blast!

When I was about seven years old, my mother approached Mrs. Robison hoping that she would take me on as a piano student. I wasn't athletic due to my health, and in our community if you didn't do sports, you basically did nothing. Our opportunities were limited. Fortunately Mrs. Robison had just moved to the area. At my mother's request she opened her home to me to teach me.  I eagerly began my lessons and have been learning how to play ever since.

Mrs. Robison's lessons were phenomenal. She was patient and caring. She taught me not just scales, dynamics, chords, and sight reading, but also how to appreciate God and His many blessings. You will find her music theory work even helps in every day school. And with electronics a staple in her lessons, she kept me entertained even as a restless middle schooler. Her methods, though they may seem crazy at first, really work! Everything she has incorporated into her work has helped my musical abilities, as well as my heart to grow.

In a just a few short hours I will be walking across Maple Grove Junior-Senior High School's stage to receive my high school diploma. But, before I do that, I have to say goodbye to piano lessons with Mrs. Robison. Today, June 21, 2013 is my last day as her student and the half hour I will spend with her will be a bittersweet one indeed. If anyone is looking to take piano lessons, I would not even think twice before recommending her. She is the best teacher I have ever had, and for that I am so grateful.

I would like to thank her for her prayers. I would like to thank her for my 18th birthday and graduation gift. I would like to thank her for making Christmas music the highlight of my winter season. I would like to thank her for teaching me to teach myself. I would like to thank her for listening to all the crazy music I listen to and allowing me to play it. I would like to thank her for teaching me history and embracing the future.

Most of all, I would like to thank her for being there through it all.  Mrs. Robison, you truly are an inspiration and great role model for all students. Thank you for what you have given me in these ten years we have had together. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank YOU!


Dominique Del Calzo
Student 2003 - 2013"

Here is a video snippet of her last lesson pieces (less than a minute)
I'm sad to see her go; but excited for what the future holds for this special young lady.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bald Eagle Thanks Students For Their Help at Audubon Benefit Recital

Bald Eagle Thanks Students For Their Help

Students of Cindy’s Piano Studio, Bemus Point and Lakewood locations, recently held a benefit recital at Jamestown’s Audubon Center.  Attendees brought their lawn chairs and blankets and enjoyed animal themed music in front of the ponds.  Because the Audubon is an educational organization, Mrs. Robison had the children research interesting facts about the animal represented in their piece.
The program started with Luke Lindeman playing More Fireflies and ended with Stuart Rinehart playing The Steeplechase. Other participating students were:  Ava Crist, Harper and Eliza Dawes, Fletcher, Porter, and Trey DeMink, Stephanie Derkovitz, Jordan Feinen, Jack Lingenfelter, Carling Lockwood, Mallory Lohnes, Makala Nelsen, James, Simon, and Isac Pirrello, Desiree Putt, Sarah and Lizzy Quadt, Oliver Rinehart, Sydney Segrue, and Lillian and Gloria Marsh, Coco Seagren. Mrs. Brianna Lopez, teacher, and Mrs. Cindy Robison, Owner/Teacher also accompanied some duets with the students.

Jeff from the Audubon gave a short talk about what they do at the Audubon and how we can help. Just as we finished the music and were taking pictures, the bald eagle flew overhead. We felt it was his way of saying thank you for helping us.

Cindy’s Piano Studio raised $207 in donations so the education can continue.  If you would like to help, you may contact Jamestown Audubon Society at (716) 569-2345 or visit their website at http://jamestownaudubon.org/.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Piano Recital at Jamestown Audubon Happening This Saturday

Cindy's Piano Studio received some press regarding our Saturday benefit recital at the Audubon.  Here's the link:

Piano Recital Fundraiser To Be Held At Audubon

June 9, 2013
The Post-Journal
On Saturday, the Jamestown Audubon Center and Sanctuary backyard will come alive with the sound of music when Cindy's Piano Studio teams up with Audubon for an outdoor recital fundraiser.
Beginning at 2 p.m., the students will perform with the ponds as a backdrop and the birds as an accompaniment. All the pieces of music will have an animal theme.
It was Cindy's Piano Studio's looking for ways to help our community that others may not think of that gave rise to this idea.

Article Photos

Perhaps a yellow warbler will sing along with Cindy’s Piano Studio’s recital that will be held in the backyard at the Audubon Center & Sanctuary on Saturday.
"Music is such an important part of our daily lives, and some of the 'songs' of nature are the most beautiful sounds around," said Cindy Robison, owner of Cindy's Piano Studio. "As I was walking around our neighborhood, I heard two birds singing back and forth to each other, and another animal had a rhythmic sound to its call. I went home and composed a little song based on their 'music.'"
The recital is open to the public, and audience members must bring their own lawn chairs or blankets. Admission is a donation; reservations are not required. All donations will benefit Audubon and its educational programs. In the event of rain, the location will change. For more information, call 569-2345.
The Audubon Center & Sanctuary is at 1600 Riverside Road, one-quarter mile east of Route 62 between Jamestown and Warren.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Piano iPhone Challenge

Piano iPhone Challenge

Cindy’s Piano Studio students recently participated in a Piano iPhone Challenge.  What is a Piano iPhone Challenge?  Students had to work for one month to earn as many of the eight available APPS as they could.  Some APPS were accomplished during the month at the lessons and some were done during weekly home practice sessions.  The eight APPs were:
1.      Practice nine days in a row – tough one but a few students did accomplish this one.
2.      Compose a short piece
3.      Hold a mini recital at home
4.      Memorize two pieces
5.      Complete four theory assignments
6.      Sightread four pieces – that means they play a piece correctly the first time.
7.      Ear Training – The teacher plays two examples on the piano and they chose which was played.
8.      Complete three pieces from their lesson book

Of the nine participating students, Ava Crist and Sarah Quadt received all eight APPs.  Carling Lockwood received seven.  The other participating students were: MB, April and Lily Gustafson, Aaron and Courtney Jung, and Jack Lingenfelter.