Thursday, March 27, 2014

Karaoke Funny

An adult piano student went to Peak n Peak where they had Karaoke.  She had never done it before and thought it might be fun.  So she sang Crazy by Patzy Cline. When she finished she said "I received a standing ovation.....they were already standing!"  I love my student's sense of humor.  It made my day.  This student is 74 years old and a joy to teach.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Piano Helps in School Word

So pleased with Sarah!  She was the only one in her band that got 100% on a note naming test!  Congratulations, Sarah! Piano does help you in school!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Humane Society Benefit Recital

I'm thinking about our next benefit recital.  I've contacted the Humane Society and think it would be fun to support them this year.  I like the idea of pennies for paws and am thinking about pennies for piano practice to be donated to the Humane Society at our recital.  I've asked them to have a couple dogs at the recital so that should be fun too!  
I'd have 16 students participating.  It could run for two weeks, say May 26th through June 8th.  The students would ask for donations and then collect the amount the following week to be presented at the recital.  There would be a prize for the student with the most pennies.

I'm thinking the recital would be held on Saturday, June 14th, at 10a.m.  I'd like an outdoor location so I'm open for ideas on a place.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Another Student Finishes a Book

Eliza had her first end-of-book recital this week.  She said she was nervous; but I couldn't tell.  She had several people come to her recital even though it was in the middle of the afternoon. She chose ten of her favorite pieces from Alfred's Sacred All-in-One method. Her recital program:

God Gives
Jesus and the Children
Sing Unto the Lord - duet with Mrs. Robison
Trust God's Word - duet with Mrs. Robison
Play a Third
Old MacDonald
Calendar Song
Frog in Flip Flops - duet with Mrs. Robison (not in book)
Praise Him with Music - accompanied by recorded orchestra
Now she can move on to her next book.  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jamestown Association of Piano Teachers Recital at Lutheran Home

Today was the first Association of Piano Teachers' recital at the Lutheran Home in the Chapel.  Cindy's Piano Studio had nine students participating.  That's half of the students from CPS!  They all did a great job playing their pieces.  For three of the students, this was their first recital.

Stephanie Derkovitz played Love Somebody.
Maddison March played Old MacDonald Had a Band.
Harper Dawes played Gallop, Pony and Scotland Bells.
Lizzy Quadt played Go Tell Aunt Rhodie Theme and Variation.
Sydney Segrue played Arabesque by Burgmuller.
Our mystery student played Sea (C) Song.
Sophia Segrue played Taxi Tangle.
Eliza Dawes played Japaneze Garden and Jazz Jig.
Sarah Quadt played Beach Party and Pumpkin Boogie.

It was a short program as half the pieces were less than 30 seconds in length!  It was such a pretty sunny day too.  All the students received a certificate of participation at the end.  Here's Sophie's...
Today's participating students live in Chautauqua County, mostly in the Bemus Point area, some in Lakewood and Ashville; none from Jamestown today.