Thursday, May 19, 2016

April Students of the Month - Ethan and Gloria

Congratulations Ethan and Gloria! You are April's Student of the Month.

Ethan is a new student in Lakewood at Cindy's Piano Studio.  Here's his interview and tip for beginners.

What do you like to do for fun?  Play outside.
What’s your favorite toy? Baseball and bat.
What do you hate to do? Nothing.
What’s the best part of piano lessons? Playing the keys.
Whats the worst part of piano lessons? Nothing.
What music are you listening to (that’s not piano lesson)? Uptown Funk
What is your tip for beginning pianists?  Have a good attitude at piano lessons, do all your assignments, and look at the assignment sheet so you know what to do.  Awesome tips, Ethan!

Gloria has been taking piano lessons in Bemus Point at Cindy's Piano Studio since September 2014.  She has really grown musically at the piano this year. Gloria's tip for beginners is that it's okay if the piece is not great when you first start because you can work on it hands alone and it will get better. Yes, Gloria, when the music gets more complicated, it's a good idea to make is easier by separating the parts.

Other students who were in the hat were: Kenny, Lillian, Eliza D., Genevieve, JT, Sam, Dani, Mallory, and Jack.

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