Thursday, June 16, 2016

Students of the Month for May - Dani and Taj

Congratulations to Dani and Taj for being picked as May's Students of the Month.

This is Dani's first time so here is her interview and tip.

What do you like to do for fun? Go to Midway Park and ride the spinning ride.  It feels like you will bump into the other cars.

What do you hate to do?  Go to school and do reading chapter books and then write about it; especially the writing part.

What’s the best part of piano lessons? Working towards recital.

Whats the worst part of piano lessons? Playing songs I don't like because they are hard, like the Lily Pad.

What music are you listening to (that’s not piano lesson)? The pop song, Give it to me.

What is your tip for beginners? Don't play when the teacher is talking. lol. I love this one!

Taj's second tip for beginners is to always look at the music and not your hands because then you won't make mistakes.  Good tip, Taj!

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