Tuesday, October 25, 2016

E-FISH-ent Practice Event Ponds

I wanted to capture the ponds that each student created for this event.  There were two ponds, one in Lakewood and one in Bemus Point (blue tissue paper over poster board).  These are all the ponds in one place.  

Dani, Eliza A, Emma, Gloria, Kenny, Lillian, Sam, and Taj all had three fish in their ponds.  Alex, Eliza D, Jack, and Mallory had one or two fish in their ponds.

How did they get the fish? By accomplishing three practice tasks for three weeks.  Each week if they accomplished the three tasks, they put a fish in their pond.

This week they find out who won the drawings.
Three fish - a live goldfish and tank
Two fish - a large bag of Swedish Fish Candy
One fish - an activity and coloring book of Dori.
Everyone will receive a prize who isn't chosen from the drawings. They will find out what it is at their next lesson. Hint...it's fish related.  hee hee

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